Can you Help find James (Sailor Jim’s) Kidd’s Medals

B and G Coins would like to help the family of War Hero James Kidd find his medals. Sailor Jim as he was known took part in the siege of Malta, a siege that nearly saw the Island brought to its knees by Germany through constant bombing, starvation and deprivation. It was an event that led to the Island and the brave peoples of Malta being awarded the George Cross. This is why you sometimes today see the initials G.C. following addresses on letters sent to Malta, a tradition that I am proud to uphold to this day.

Jim took part in this siege and was able to get through alive, something that many of his Naval friends and colleagues did not do, because the British fleet that were trying to resupply the Island with food, provisions, ammunition and manpower, found themselves sitting ducks in and around the harbours of Malta and were easy prey being picked off one by one by the Luftwaffe.

I will shortly be posting a couple more articles concerning Jim and ask you to please keep an eye out for his medals.

They were originally framed in a Group, but may have been broken up since. Clearly his WW2 medals will not be named, but his GSM and Korea medals will be.

If you have any information about them then please either contact us or Jim’s family directly, let us make a concerted effort and see if we cant help him with this.

A blog has been set up at

Thank you