Coins, Collections and Pre 1947 Scrap Silver Coins Always Wanted

If you have a single coin, medal or collection that you are interested in selling, please email us with as much information as you can.

If possible include a photograph(s) so that we can better grade it and we will get back to you and if appropriate arrange to come and see your items in person.

In particular, we offer the very best prices for high grade Scottish, Knights of Malta, Knights of Rhodes & Crusader Kingdom coins and Medals





PRE 1947 Silver Coins



We are regular buyers of Pre 1947 and Pre 1920 scrap silver coins.

We do not try to pay you less like some bullion dealers, by saying your coin is worn and has lost some of its value.

We simply offer you 20 times face value for Pre 1920 Silver coins and 10 times face value for Pre 1947 silver coins.

For Sellers within a 30 mile radius of Spalding or further for larger collections, we can travel to your home or convenient location.

And we can provide you with an instant transfer of funds settlement into your nominated account that day or pay by cheque or by arrangement cash if more convenient.

There is no requesting an envelope and then sending off to an anonymous ‘Cash for Bullion’ dealer, only to receive a disappointingly poor offer paid by cheque in return.

Call or email us today for an instant response. or  07950 287349




Modern Circulating Base Metal Coins

We receive calls daily from collectors with modern base metal £2, £1, 50p, 20p etc and ‘error’ versions of the same. Please note that unfortunately we do not buy and sell these coins.

In recent times the Royal Mint has seen itself put under considerable pressure to produce commemorative type coins in comparison with the older style one design type. This coupled with cut backs particularly in quality control, has seen considerably more of these ‘error’ types entre into circulation.

There has been much hype driven by the press and eBay as to expectation of high values for these coins. But the reality is that as a despite much press and eBay hype, the standard issue coins were minted often in many millions and ‘errors’ are more a curiosity and they generally only achieve £10 to £20 at most, despite some of the high prices being asked (but not achieved) for them.